MY periods
MY rules !


period days, i.e. six and a half years in the life of someone who menstruates
1 ml
or four tablespoons of blood lost per cycle on average *
1 %
of people who menstruate have heavy periods and lose more than 80 ml of blood per cycle*

Cemag Care acts

We develop accessible solutions to allow wxmenThe term womxn includes all cis, trans and non-binary people. to remain themselves throughout their cycle.

* C. Huchon, X. Fritel. Epidémiologie des ménométrorragies. 2008. Journal de gynécologie obstétrique et biologie de la reproduction. DOI : JGYN 12 2008 37 8 S 0368 2315 101019 200810557 

** 800 millions, why we need to rethink the way we view periods. Unicef Australia. 2019 :