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Knowledge in womxnThe term womxn includes all cis, trans and non-binary people. health remains limited in all medical fields. The low representation of womxnThe term womxn includes all cis, trans and non-binary people. in clinical trials contributes to this lack of knowledge. It is, however, important to take into account each and every person with his/her characteristics and differences.

Specific health fields, such as sexual and reproductive healthcare, are still poorly addressed and are even taboo. There is a lack of sexual education in our society leading to misinformed population.

A group of caring and supportive womxn

CEMAG Care is committed to change this situation with its strong involvement in sensitive topics such as heavy menstrual bleeding, quality of life, natural contraception…

CEMAG Care wants to make the difference in putting forwards these topics, getting them accessible to everyone. We bring you safe and tailored solutions respectful of your health and your body.

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Vivek S. Prakash, Neel A. Mansukhani, Irene B. Helenowski, Teresa K. Woodruff, and Melina R. Kibbe.Journal of Women’s Health.Nov 2018.1342-1348.

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