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Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) copper 380

Medical device


Secondary, absorbent anti-odour dressing with cinnamon.
Designed to manage malodourous wounds.

medicinal product


Ethanol 26%

Medical device

Aspirator DVS-S10 and Ipas EasyGrip cannulae

Double-Valve Aspirator
Uterine aspiration/uterine evacuation in obstetrics and gynecologic patients.

Our projects


Management of heavy menstrual bleeding

Heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia) concerns ~25% of menstruating people. Menstrual bleeding is considered as heavy when above 80 ml and/or beyond 7-day. It has a strong impact on the quality of life.

Heavy menstrual bleeding may require long-term hormonal treatments or surgery. CEMAG Care develops a medical formulation specifically adapted to patients’ needs. Our aim is to provide an on-demand solution, easily accessible for people suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding.


Early menstrual induction

Emergency contraception (EC) offers an effective solution in case of unprotected intercourse. However, it must be used within a 3 to 5-day window following the intercourse.

Onwards, womxn must wait for menstrual periods and take a pregnancy test prior being able to take appropriate measures.

We aim to identify a new option for womxn who out passed the EC time. This new option would allow to induce very early menstruations. CEMAG Care collaborates with Concept Foundation (Switzerland), WHO HRP, and Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) in this project.


Non fertile cycle phase identification

Did you know you cannot become pregnant during your whole menstrual cycle? During a cycle, there is a specific window during which fertilization can occur. It is directly linked to sperms cells and ovules’ life time inside the uterus.

CEMAG Care develops a medical device allowing womxn to identify the non-fertile phase of their cycle thanks to a science-based method. This personalized analysis will allow users to understand their cycle and to acquire awareness of their fertile periods to facilitate contraception management.


Facilitate access to abortion

CEMAG Care has a unique experience in abortion: its founder and several team members have played an important role in the development and the commercialization of mifepristone (RU486).

Hence, it is natural for CEMAG Care to keep on working on improving access to early abortion.